Gouldin's Pest Management The "GOLD" Standard in Pest Management
Welcome to our website! Gouldin's Pest Management sets the "Gold" standard for Quality in Caroline County. We are a locally owned company specializing in the effective treatment of all pests common to central Virginia.
Our services We are very familiar with the kinds of insects, spiders and rodents that are native to Virginia. We can advise you of the havoc these pests can cause and offer pest control service plans to keep them away from your home or business. Make sure to contact us should you have a pest and we can advise you on what can be done.


Termites are responsible for $2 Billion worth of damage every year, yet most insurance policies don't cover termite damage. Act before disaster strikes your home.

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Ants are one of the most prolific groups of insects. Left untreated, ants will continue to multiply at an exponential rate in kitchens, garages, around eaves, under crawls spaces, basements and foundations. Because many ant species prefer to nest inside walls it makes many over the counter products ineffective.

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Roaches in Virginia are attracted to standing water and any type of food left out. Additionally, roaches often live and reproduce inside of dry foods that are stored and venture out to feed on spills and food residue. Keeping indoor areas clean and tidy is a good start to keeping pests away. However, even the cleanest of homes and business are plagued by roach problems. Roach exterminators use professional grade products that are safe for both children and pets. Your home or business will be pest free before you know it.

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Service list On the initial application, I will treat the interior of your home or office, around baseboards, inside the garage, and through crawls space vents.

Who wants to see their home infested with pests? Some parts of the country deal with roaches, ants, silverfish, others with termites. Some homeowners deal with spiders, others with mice. Pests bring illnesses with them, and can literally takeover and devour your home. There's no question of getting rid of pests before they can completely infiltrate and infest.

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