Gouldin's Pest Management The "GOLD" Standard in Pest Management
Welcome to our website! Gouldin's Pest Management sets the "Gold" standard for Quality in Caroline County. We are a locally owned company specializing in the effective treatment of all pests common to central Virginia.
Our products
Pricing of my pest control service is generally based on the size of your home. However, acreage properties, remote-area homes, and properties with unique pest problems may be priced differently. Before service is rendered, I will go over your pest plan in detail including definite costs. I don't like hidden fees and "extras", the price I quote is the price you pay. All my price quotes are good for 30 days.
Is pest control safe for my children? pets?Most pest management applications can be accomplished with little or no inconvenience to you or your family. Should you or family members have an aversion to odors it would be suggested that you leave the premises while your pest management technician services the interior of your home. In the case of exterior applications, pets should be kept indoors until the application material has dried.
I have damage from pest, can you do repairs?YES! We can perform repairs and will be glad to give you a written repair estimate.
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